2014-2015 Spartan Post News Staff

Emily Thornton

SPN-ONLINE Senior Editor-in-Chief

Em is currently a Senior, and after graduation plans to study journalism in college. She has a deep love for the written word, along with a passion for sharing stories. Beyond the skills in writing,... 

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Shelby Hendrix

SPN-ONLINE Junior Editor-in-Chief

Shelby believes in the power of words in the sense that they can either create or destroy a beautiful image. She's a Junior at Bixby High School. She loves to write and all aspects of it. Her absolute favorite movie is... 

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Reagan Rinehart

SPN-ONLINE Student Life Editor

Reagan Rinehart is a senior at Bixby, and this is her 4th year involved in SPN Online. This year, Reagan is on the Academic Beat and is the Lifestyle Editor. She enjoys writing, photography, films, music, spending time with her... 

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Victoria Fouke

SPN-ONLINE Weekend Editor and SPN-TV Reporter

Victoria Fouke is a senior at Bixby High School. She is involved in many student clubs and activities throughout high school, including National Honor Society, Junior Optimist International, student council, yearbook, newspaper,... 

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Glenn Galvin

SPN-TV Sports Editor

Glenn Galvin is a senior at Bixby High School, and is very active in school activities. He has been on the basketball team every year. He is also an officer for student council and an active member... 

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Garrett Wheeler

SPN-ONLINE Opinion and Co-Expressions Editor

Garrett Wheeler is a sophomore at his second year of Bixby schools and his first year working for Spartan Post. He is a God loving family guy who really loves sharing opinions. He is a huge nerd with a strong love for videogames,... 

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Cyrus Ghavami

SPN-ONLINE & TV Online/Social Media Editor

Cyrus Ghavami is a junior at Bixby High school. He enjoys playing soccer and video games with his friends. He LOVES technology and enjoys reading the latest news about it. Cyrus helps manage the website for SPN-Online. He also... 

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Melissa Wright

SPN-TV Reporter

Melissa Wright Is an upcoming senior of 2015 at Bixby High School. She has been a student at Bixby for twelve years. Melissa has been a part of the journalism field and SPN at BHS for three years this year. She is currently in... 

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Savannah Vincent


Savannah is a senior at Bixby High School and is a member of the Pride of Bixby band. Her favorite things do include watching TV and play guitar and piano. She is a big fan of tacos, cats, and anything Broadway and New York. Savannah... 

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Syerria Neuman


Syerria Neuman is currently a senior at Bixby High School. She cant wait to get out and explore the world on her own. Volleyball is her passion and her family means the world to her. After high school, she plans on going to college... 

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Sydney McCollum

SPN-TV Reporter

Sydney is currently a senior at Bixby high school and works on the SPN crew as a camera operator/ editor and director. She plans on going into the film industry, joining her sister's company: DAM productions in Tulsa or any... 

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Alexis Frazier

SPN-TV Reporter

Alexis Frazier is a Bixby senior this year who has a love for photography and plans to attend OSU next year and pursue photography/Broadcasting. Alexis comes from a large family and enjoys spending time wither playing piano, baking,... 

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Caitlynn Brown


Caitlynn Brown has been a member of SPN-Online for the past year. She enjoys interviewing local coffee shops and writing opinionated pieces. Caitlynn enjoys SPN  because to her its a great outlet to the worlds issues, status... 

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Austin Wainscott

SPN-TV Reporter

Austin Wainscott is a senior at Bixby High School and a proud member of the SPN family. Working behind the camera has been my dream since he was a years old, when King Kong in all of its black and white glory left a a mark on... 

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Matthew Tyndall

SPN-TV Reporter

Matthew Tyndall is a senior at Bixby High School. He has been an active member of Student Council for 4 years, and of National Honors Society for 2. He played varsity tennis for 3 years and was on the freshman basketball team.... 

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Sydney Smith

SPN-TV Reporter

Sydney Smith is a 15 year old sophomore who has attended Bixby for 11 years she believes that hard work and dedication can get you anywhere you want to be. Sydney has a passion for soccer and plays for West Side Alliance. In her... 

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Brad Portway

SPN-TV Reporter

Brad Portway is a junior at Bixby High School. He has been a member of the Bixby HighSchool swim team since his freshman year. His interest include: hanging out with friends,playing video games, food, watching movies and shows,... 

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Hannah Perry

SPN-TV Reporter

Hannah is a junior and active member at Bixby High School. She is involved in Spartan Post News, the dance team, National Honor Society, Interact, Academic Team, and Student Council. ... 

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Sophie Parker

SPN-TV Reporter

Sophie Parker is a sophomore at Bixby High School. She has attended Bixby since the fifth grade, after transferring from Broken Arrow. This is her first year in the journalism program, although she has been interested in the subject... 

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Keith Oler

SPN-ONLINE & TV Reporter

Keith Oler has lived in Bixby, OK for seven years, currently attending Bixby High School as a senior. After several years devoting his time to work with the high schools drama department, participating in an array of productions from... 

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Griffin Miller

SPN-TV Reporter

Griffin Miller is a sophomore at Bixby High School. He has always had an interest in journalism and video. After high school, Griffin plans to major in Architectural Engineering at Oklahoma State University. He enjoys being active... 

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Mackenzie McCollum

SPN-TV Reporter

Mackenzie is attending Bixby High School as a sophomore. Mackenzie enjoys playing school volleyball and being in broadcasting. In the future, she plans on becoming a journalist or a cinematographer. One day, Mackenzie plans on... 

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Grace Kramer

SPN-TV Reporter

Grace Kramer was born on April 17, 1999 in Phoenix, Arizona. She lives with her mom, dad, and big sister, Katie. She has three dogs named Annie, Baxter, and Kota. Grace has played volleyball for three years but is excited to try... 

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Karis Konkler

SPN-TV Reporter

Karis believes in the cameras power to convey an alternate reality in which real life is non existent. Karis is a sophomore and she tries to always live in the moment. That being said, Karis does not really know what she wants... 

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Jordan Jones

SPN-TV Reporter

Jordan Jones is a senior at Bixby High School. She is an active member in her school, being involved in interact. Starting off in journalism one her junior year, she is now involved in SPN. Jordan enjoys being around people and... 

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Hayden Jackson

SPN-TV Reporter

Hayden Jackson is a senior at Bixby High School and has attended the school district since the third grade. Throughout high school, he has been apart numerous groups and clubs, including the varsity... 

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Brennan Hooper

SPN-TV Reporter

Brennan Hooper is a junior at Bixby High School. He currently is serving as the center snare in the Bixby High School drum-line. He has been a snare player in the drum-line for 3 years, and won two state indoor percussion championships.... 

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Chelsea Douthitt

SPN-TV Reporter

Chelsea is a senior at BHS. She has been involved in various activities throughout her high school career including sports medicine, German club, Junior optimist and Interact, Student Council and other volunteer clubs. She began... 

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Ben Deibert

SPN-TV Reporter

Ben Deibert is a senior at Bixby High School. This is his first year as a staff member at SPN. In his previous years at Bixby, Ben has been President of his class, heavily involved in Student Council, and has been a member of... 

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Chad Clock

SPN-TV Reporter

Chad is a senior at Bixby High School and plans to attend NSU next fall. He is an avid hunter, enjoys camping, mudding and finds tranquility in nature. His random and outgoing personality has him involved in FCA, NHS, and French... 

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Haley Blackwell

SPN-TV Reporter

Haley is a senior at Bixby High School, she is a hobbiest writer with a strong passion for film, photography, and language. She undertook a semi-major writing project first at the age of ten when she completely reworded her mothers... 

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Peter Anthony

SPN-TV Reporter

Peter Anthony is currently a junior at Bixby High School. He is a member of the swim team, broadcasting, student council, and NHS. After high school, Peter would like to attend the United States Naval Academy, or Hillsdale College.... 

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Jacob DeLoache

SPN-ONLINE Sports Editor

Born into a working class Sicilian-American family. Jake DeLoache is entering his first year as sports editor for believes that he has a unique perspective to offer his readers that is both insightful and entertaining. As a member... 

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Bryan Lee

SPN-TV Reporter

Bryan Lee is a senior at Bixby High School. He is a part of the high school swim team, the volunteer organizations: the National Honor Society (NHS) and the... 

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Charles Christy

SPN-ONLINE & TV Reporter

Charles Christy is a senior a Bixby High School and involved in both SPN TV and SPN Online. Charles has been involved in Varsity Tennis, Interact, STUCO, and Journalism courses all throughout his high school years. He loves the... 

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Morgan Stewart

SPN-TV Reporter

Morgan Stewart was born May 16, 1997. He was reading at the age 2 and was hungry for learning. Throughout his school career, Morgan achieved a 4.0 GPA and took advanced placement classes. In his school years Morgan turned Entrepreneur.... 

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Will Wilson

SPN-ONLINE Sports Editor

Will is a Junior at Bixby High School.Will is very social/outgoing person who loves watching and talking about sports although he is currently not in any sports or after school activities. His role models in life are the late... 

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Jack Walker


Jack Walker, a junior at Bixby High School, is new to the Spartan Post. At 16 years old, soon to be 17, he is huge into photography. His main focus is on automotive photography. He is currently doing some small photo shoots as... 

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Grant Galvin

SPN TV Reporter

I am a middle child with one older brother (who told me I should join SPN) and two younger sisters. I love to watch movies, and also create short videos. In my free time, I play video games or watch Netflix. Right now, my favorite... 

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Rachel Brooks

SPN-TV Reporter

Rachel is a junior at Bixby High School. This is her third, exciting year involved with SPN. She enjoys music, photography, skateboarding, drawing and being around little kids. Her favorite... 

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Allie Wallis


Allie Wallis is a Junior at Bixby High School. Along with being a reporter for Spartan Post, she is also a part of the Bixby Spartan Dance Team. She loves food, reading, writing, music, singing, and dancing. She is... 

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Margo Fahringer

SPN-TV Reporter

Margo Fahringer is a senior at Bixby High School. She took Journalism One a few years back and is now on Spartan News Post staff. She is also going to Tulsa Tech for the Nursing Options program. She wants to be a doctor and she... 

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Dee Harris


Dee Harris is no stranger to the field of journalism having worked in graphic design, multimedia production and marketing communications for over 25 years before dedicating herself to education. Harris has been in "the field"... 

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